UCD Clubhouse Bar

During the selection process for this prestigeous contract we worked closely with the management, designer and breweries to select the equipment which best suited the operating conditions with particular emphasis on the a future proof system capable of delivering ice cold temperatures without the inconvenience and running costs of using plug-in undercounter coolers.

We settled on a 9.0 kw Glycol system with two remote refrigeration systems, twin evaporators, twin circulation pumps operating on a flip-flop basis and an off peak economy operating setting
Three Glycol undercounter thermostatically controled heat exchangers were installed at each of the three service points which allowed us deliver three seperate beer serving temperatures to each service point.

Chrome Celli Lotus beer dispense fonts with illuminated branding and stainless steel Gamko back bar bottle coolers were selected to match the architects overall design and concept.
The project was delivered and installed on time for the start of the new student year.